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Grateful Dead Live at Ventura County Fairgrounds on 1982-07-18

Audio Preview

Grateful Dead Live at Ventura County Fairgrounds on 1982-07-18

Set 1

New Minglewood Blues
Friend Of The Devil
Mama Tried ->
Mexicali Blues
Ramble On Rose
Looks Like Rain ->

Set 2

Samson And Delilah ->
Franklin's Tower
Man Smart (Woman Smarter)
Ship Of Fools
Crazy Fingers ->
Drums ->
Space ->
Not Fade Away ->
The Other One ->
Wharf Rat ->
Sugar Magnolia

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction ->
Brokedown Palace

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Ventura County Fairgrounds
Location Ventura, CA

Source FOB audience recording, taper and equipment unknown
Lineage Master cassette -> metal cassette x 2 -> CD-R (Sony TC-K717ES -> Marantz CDR500) -> Audacity -> AIFF -> FLAC Pitch adjusted - 1% to match patch source
Transferred by Tom Van Sant


Patch info:

Patched with Senn 441 FOB recording by Ohr Weinberg, shnid 17030 via LMA.

Patches include six minutes of drums and :05 of Brokedown Palace, as well as various transitions and tuning breaks.

Location of microphones must have been close to Ohr's mics. Nearly all the same crowd sounds are audible on both.

This is a crisp recording, previously uncirculated and an upgrade to other versions currently available on LMA. A wonderful show featuring one of the very best Losers ever, and the first Crazy Fingers since 1976.


- Ohr Weinberg for patch source via LMA

- Brian King for the cool artwork

- Steve Swartz for seeding assistance

- Phil Samuelson for inspiration

Small splice in Ramble On Rose, patched with Weinberg FOB.

Fixed version reseeded Aug 16, 2009.


Reviewer: Ray Charon - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 21, 2011
Subject: Best show I ever saw!
Of the 40 Grateful Dead shows I saw, this one was the best! The previous day was mediocre at best but they more than made up for it at this Sunday afternoon show. Loser was one of the highlights of Set 1 but then the 2nd set was amazing. The soulful version of "Ship of Fools" was where I fell in love with this show and then the breakout of "Crazy Finger" was historic but the peak was the psychedelic flow of the blending of space into "Not Fade Away" and then "The Other One" and Wharf Rat". Jerry's was speaking with his guitar and every lick he played in the NFA>Other One suite was genius. I wasn't high on anything because I was a yogi/monk at the time and this was the best Grateful Dead I was blessed to see.
I've listened to the post drums portion of this show hundreds of times and know every lick by heart.
David Gans told me that unfortunately the soundboards were missing (as of 1996) from the vault along with others from the 1982-83 era. If they ever show up, please let me know at "keaauray" on youtube or In the mean time this is a very good audience recording. Outdoor audience is generally better than indoor since there is no echo of the room.
Reviewer: lonesomejohnnie - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 12, 2009
Subject: Having had a spiritual awakening
This tape has a special meaning for me in my life. I did not go to the show, but got hold of a 2nd set by recommendation of a fellow trader and it quickly became a favorite of mine. Long story short, I wound up in drug rehab on Jerry's birthday, 1984 with this tape in tow and a walkman. One day while listening to Wharf Rat, I had a spiritual awakening during the gospel bridge, especially the line

"I know that the life I've been leading is no good,I'll get a new start, live the life I should.
I'll get up and fly away, I'll get up and fly away, fly away."

That later inspired me along with others to start The Wharf Rat movement at shows Still clean 25 years later.

Great recording of a well played show. Thanks to all who work their magic on the LMA.
Reviewer: tom_van_sant - - August 27, 2009
Subject: upgrade
This has the patch in Ramble On Rose but is otherwise identical to the earlier version.
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